Winter Happy Goals

     It's been awhile since I posted a list of happy goals and I figured what better time than in the dead of winter? We are in the final stretches of winter and I can aaalllmoost feel spring coming (maybe that's hopeful thinking, but I'm okay with it). I wanted to make a list of small things I can do and look forward to that will make the rest of winter not seem so long and cold. If you want to know more about what happy goals are to me check out this post Here. You can also check out my other happy goals posts Here and Here. Enjoy!

1. Try to double the amount of house plants I have in my house
2. Listen to new music as much as possible
3. Nap on the weekends with Groot
4. When it's snowing outside, meditate with the snowfall
5. Make photo albums and scrapbooks of old photos
6. Teach yoga classes to my friends and family
7. Cook homemade meals for my friends and family
8. Research how to start an indoor tower garden (and how to get Groot to not eat all the lettuce lol)
9. Paint the moon phases for all of 2019
10. Binge watch all of my favourite 90's movies

What're your happy goals this winter? What small things make you the happiest?

xo Sara  


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