Cruelty Free Fall Makeup

When it comes to makeup lately, and especially since the weather has started to cool off, I love to keep things pretty simple. These have been my favourite products lately that I've been wearing every day. I love wearing pinks, roses and mauve coloured tones this time of year because I f…

A Fall Playlist To Get You In the Mood

Another season of fall and another playlist for you to enjoy! Nothing gets me more in the mood to transition into a new season than music does. Music is such an amazing way to clear your head, relax and completely reset the way you are feeling. I love to light a couple candles, put on a f…

Fall Mood Board

"A fallen leaf is nothing more than a summer's wave goodbye" -unknown
xo Sara 

Fall Happy Goals

If you are new to the idea of Happy Goals on this blog you can find the explanation for them Here as well as my previous happy goals posts. Here are new set of happy goals to take us into the Fall season. I hope you enjoy! The basic girl in me loooooves fall and is so excited to enjoy it this …
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