28 Things I Love This Valentines Day

      Happy Valentine's Day everyone! I figured for this Valentine's Day I'd make a list of things I'm grateful for as well as things I'm just generally loving on this day. I don't think you need to be in love or with a partner in order to celebrate this day, there is already so much love in the world to celebrate! So open your eyes, appreciate everything in your life and have an amazing Valentine's Day!

1. Eric
2. Dogs
3. My parents
4. My sisters
5. My bed
6. Nice Strangers
7. Having amazing friends
8. Hot coffee or tea in the early mornings
9. Music
10. A clean house
11. Plants, especially my succulents
12. Vacations
13. Comfy Clothes
14. Salt lamps
15. Feminism
16. Using your favourite bath products
17. Playing with makeup
18. Learning more about astrology
19. Reading a new book
20. Getting your ears pierced
21. Naps in the afternoon
22. Freshly painted nails
23. Deep breathing after a stressful day or moment in the day
24. Being and adult and the independence that comes with it
25. Comfort food
26. Wasting time on Pinterest
27. The smell of a coffee shop
28. Sundays!

       What're you in love with this Valentine's Day? I hope your day is filled with lots of love, wherever you are!

xo Sara


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