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New Home Updates

I've been slowly adding more plants, knick knacks and small décor items to our house without spending a lot of money but still making a big impact. A lot of these new pieces are thrifted, from garage sales, or old things that I had in storage. I think it's important to switch up the …

Summer Staycation Ideas

As I type this I am currently on a one week staycation and man, is it lovely! I've never taken time off of work to simply spend time at home, take care of myself, and get things done around the house. It is definitely something I will be doing every summer. I put together a list of things…

A Quick & Easy Guide To Astrology

I have been so interested in learning more about astrology lately and I feel like in the last couple of years I have learned a lot! Astrology is a very complex and deep system that I think takes years and even a lifetime to fully understand. The universe is so vast and complex and that means…
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