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Good Vibes Spring Playlist

Spring has sprung and it's time to make room for new music! Here's a playlist I put together that is easy listening and great to listen to while you drive with the windows down or while you spring clean your house. Happy Spring!

Old Man by Andrelli
'74-'75 by Susan Tyler and …

A Trip To The Dominican Republic

Eric and I went on a quick 7 day trip to the Dominican Republic and it was so so lovely. It was an amazing feeling to escape the cold weather for a week and come home to spring! We are super happy to be home but we really enjoyed our time on the island. Here are a few photos from our time in…

We Got Engaged!

Ever since I was little I can remember not being that excited about getting married due to many reasons. I worked in the wedding industry for about 5-6 years and I saw the ins and outs of everything that goes into a wedding, which included the immense amount of stress involved. I've alwa…
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