Summer Happy Goals

    I have been making a list of "Happy Goals" for awhile now on my blog and you can see my latest posts here and here. Basically Happy Goals are goals that I like to set every few months when I'm feeling like I'm caught in a slump or I just need some inspiration to enjoy the little things in my life again. These are not huge or hefty goals but rather they are things you can do today or in even in this moment to remind yourself how great your life is and also to appreciate the small things that make you happy every day.

1. Take a solo trip to the beach
2. Go for a walk in nature in complete silence
3. Take a nap outside in the sunshine or in the rain
4. Learn different braid styles for my hair
5. Have a floral coconut milk bath to celebrate the new moon
6. Meditate to the sunset
7. Paint my toe nails a bright summer colour
8. Watch the stars one night out on my patio
9. Try new ice cream flavours
10. Have an old school slumber party with my friends

What small and simple things in your life make you the happiest?

xo Sara


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