5 Simple Meditation Techniques

Meditation for me will forever be a learning process. Like most people, I find it difficult to sit still and let my mind relax. I often find myself throughout the day with a million thoughts running through my head all at once. This can be exhausting and can lead to many problems like stress…

Crystal Guide For Beginners

When I was little I was that kid that collected rocks. I had rocks covering my window ledge in my room, my pockets were always full of rocks and every time I went somewhere new I would add to my collection. Well here I am, age 25 and I'm still collecting rocks lol. Needless to say, I lov…

Here Are Some Aesthetically Pleasing Photos + A Poem Verse Just Beacuase

bees came for honey flowers giggled  as they undressed themselves for the taking the sun smiled
     [Rupi Kaur - the sun and her flowers]
xo Sara
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