March Happiness Goals

     It's that time again people, when winter will not stop making me grumpy and I need to give myself a little reminder about how great my life actually is. I posted about making happiness goals a few months ago if you want to read about what they are all about. But basically, you set small and achievable goals that will bring you happiness with really no effort involved.  I like to think of happiness goals as a self-care ritual when I get into a bit of slump.

My March happiness goals:

1. Watch more Netflix series
2. Wear more colourful lipsticks
3. Nap more on my couch (yes this is a real goal)
4. Go shopping at Value Village for home decor & jewellery
5. Bake cookies
6. Paint more
7. Make more late night milkshake trips
8. Go candle shopping
9. Make more coffee dates
10. Buy more (and different kinds of) chocolate

   Do you ever set happiness goals for yourself? I hope this inspires you to give them a try!

xo Sara


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