Balcony Herb Garden

  Spring is finally here! It may be a month late but the sun is shining and I am wearing flip flops. Spring always gets me so excited to go out, buy new plants and flowers, and add a little colour to our apartment and balcony. I feel like a lot of people living in apartments think that they can't grow herbs, vegetables, fruits, and flowers because a patio just isn't the same as a backyard. And of course they are much different but it allows you to get super creative with how you grow all your favourite plants. You can hang your plants from the roof, a railing, plant them in cute garden boxes, large pots or even hang them from your wall.

   This little herb garden DIY is so easy that I really don't think I need to explain it all. Any greenhouse in your city should sell a variety of basic herbs and gardening boxes. I actually found those cute little chalkboard signs from the Dollar Store. Feel free to get as creative as you like!

What are your favourite plants to grow in your garden? Have you ever tried a balcony garden?

xo Sara


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