10 Easy Morning Rituals

     Mornings for me have always been tough. I love nothing more than sleeping in, laying around in my pajamas and taking the morning super slow. Having to get up for work at a decent time means that I have very limited time to actually enjoy my mornings and incorporate rituals into my routine that will set a happy tone for the rest of the day. I created a list below of 10 easy rituals that you can incorporate into your mornings. I think that the most important thing to remember is that you don't need hours to accomplish any of these. Waking up an extra 5 or 10 minutes earlier can really make a huge difference. I encourage you to give at least one of these a try one morning and notice how you feel throughout your day. All in all, mornings really don't need to be stressful but can actually contribute to your self-care and mental health. 

1. Yoga or stretch in the morning. You can even stretch from the comfort of your bed or your couch

2. Read a chapter from your favourite book or start a new book

3. Make a hot breakfast like French toast or homemade oatmeal

4. Take the time to do your hair or makeup and use the products you save for "special occasions" 

5. Go for a walk outside and if you have a dog definitely include them!
6. Read one of your favourite blogs or watch a YouTube video on something that inspires you. You can check out my favourite YouTube channels Here and Here

7. Light a candle and meditate in the silence (or noisiness) of your morning. You can check out my favourite meditation techniques Here

8. Write a list of to-do's or daily intentions. Maybe even set some small goals for the day ahead

9. Start a dream journal and every morning take 5 minutes to write down details of your dreams 

10. Tidy up your space! Put any dirty dishes into the sink or fix your pillows on your couch. Then when you come home things will feel fresh and less stressful.

You can also check out a post Here where I wrote more ideas on how to fully enjoy your mornings. I hope you enjoyed this list and I hop you can start taking advantage of your early mornings. 

xo Sara


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