Creating Mood Boards For Inspiration

        Creating mood boards is something I love to do. They keep me feeling inspired, motivated and they just look nice. I got the idea from Kalyn Nicholson (Blogger & YouTuber) to create a small mood board every day to keep you feeling motivated and help your creative juices flow. These small mood boards don't have to be anything fancy, I will usually go on Pinterest and find 4 photos that sum up what I'm up to that day and put them in a 4 photo picture layout. I posted a few boards below to give you an idea of what small mood boards look like and how they work. I will usually post mine to my Twitter page if you want to check out more ideas. Like always, just have fun with it and let the good vibes roll.

Cozy Fall Weekend

Work or School Productive Day

Yoga & Meditation

Health & Wellness

Nature & Outdoors

      Have you ever created a mood board to get you out of a funk? I hope these have inspired you for whatever kind of day you are having!

xo Sara


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