A Fall Playlist Full Of Good Vibes

      It's that time of year again and I am not complaining, cooler temperatures, more reasons to drink 6 cups of tea a day, wool socks, and so much more. I think the reason everyone loves fall so much is not only because it's aesthetically pleasing but also because it's such a feel good cozy time of the year. There's truly nothing better than driving your car in the rain or enjoying an early morning cup of tea wrapped in your favourite all while listening to your favourite music. Last year I put together a fall playlist that you can find Here. That playlist has a more acoustic folk feel to it where this playlist is more chill vibes and electronic. I hope you enjoy and Happy Fall!

Entertainer by Zayn
Eden by Plake
Only by Patrick Baker
Eastside by Halsey & Khalid
Full Moon by Petit Biscuit
Clone Phone by Kamandi
Can't Wait by Filous
Tonight by Kidswate
All I got by Said The Sky
Prisoner by The Weeknd & Lana Del Rey

What's on your fall playlist this year?

xo Sara


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