My Favourite Youtubers from Different Genres

      Who else is addicted to watching Youtube? The app has been around for so long but I swear I just discovered how great it is.  I love that there are so many inspirational people willing to put themselves out there to create amazing content.  I also think it's amazing that YouTube creates real sustainable careers for people.  I wanted to share with you my favourite channels and Youtubers from all different genres and I hope you enjoy!

Beauty - Jaclyn Hill
     OK so this one might be the obvious choice but there is just something about Jacyln's videos that I love.  Jaclyn has so much energy that is fun, genuine and really entertaining.  Not only that but she's obviously a queen when it comes to makeup.  I have always been really boring and basic with my own makeup, using the same foundation, bronzer, and mascara routine since high school.  I didn't realize until I watched Jaclyn's video that there are millions of ways to do your makeup but also not look ridiculous while trying out new looks. Let's just say that Jaclyn has taught me that a good highlighter is life. 

Lifestyle - Kalyn Nicholson
     If I had to pick my absolute favourite YouTuber it would for sure be Kalyn.  Her channel has more of a "lifestyle" vibe with content ranging from morning routines, coffee talks, decorating, and so much more.  I love how independent she is living on her own in Toronto, running her own business and also just generally having her shit together.  She does videos on adulting which I think are really fun and helpful.  It's also cool that she is a local Canadian!

Fashion - I Covet Thee
      I started watching Alix on YouTube when I stumbled upon her video of her cleaning out her closet.  You guys, this girl has got clothes! Is it just me or do you also find closet cleaning videos extremely therapeutic to watch? Alix's channel is also more of a lifestyle and beauty blog but she does a lot of videos on fashion which I love to watch the most.

Vlogs - Tess Christine
     Tess is one of the newer girls that I've found on Youtube  and I love her channel.  She lives in New York with her boyfriend and her vlogs are really interesting.  Maybe it's because I live in a small city in Canada but it's interesting to see how young people live in New York City because it is so different than anywhere else.  Tess does a lot of fashion videos as well which are great but I tend to watch more of her vlogs because they are so fun and unique.  If you are looking to see vlogs that are more than just house cleaning and putting on makeup I would definitely recommend Tess.

Minimalism - Sarah Nourse
      Sarah's channel was actually one of the very first channels I subscribed to on YouTube.  She also lives in New York City but recently just moved from Switzerland with her husband.  What I love about Sarah is that her content focuses on minimalism, simplifying, and living your happiest life.  Sound familiar? Watching her give her capsule closest tour is serious goals and is the exact reason I started down the road to minimalism.  If you are looking to learn more about minimalism or just need some inspiration on simplifying your life I would check Sarah out.

     I hope this gives you some ideas on where I get my inspiration through Youtube.  What are your favourite channels to watch? Do you have a favourite genre?

xo Sara


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