A-Z Winter Self Care

       Anyone else find that self care is extra important in the winter months? I wrote an A-Z Summer Self Care list last year which you can read Here. I figured why not make one for winter too! With the long nights and cold mornings I find that taking these extra steps throughout the winter can leave you feeling healthier, happier, and less stressed. And who doesn't love that!? I hope you enjoy this list and find it helpful in taking care of yourself this season.

Animals whether you have pets at home or visit a friends, animals always make a bad day better! Give them a belly rub, play fetch or just have a good cuddle.
Baths I have really been enjoying baths this season and I like to make each bath as relaxing as possible. I light candles, use bathbombs and facemasks and play my favourite podcasts.
Creativity When I'm feeling like I'm in a funk I love to do something creative and hands on. It helps to get out of your head.
Diet I definitely don't mean "go on a diet" but I do mean eat foods that make you feel really good emotionally and physically. This could be anything and I think the less restrictions the better lol.
Escape Get away from your normal routine for a day or a weekend. Rent a cabin or stay in a fancy hotel in the next city over.
Friends & Family I'm someone who looooves alone time but I find that too much alone time can be hard on my mental health. Making plans with your friends and family will always help me out of a slump!
Gratitude Count your blessings! Write them down or say them out loud each morning.
Hydrate This is super important for me in the winter because I get soooo dry. Drinking lots of water also helps with mood stability.
Imagine This one is similar to creativity, but I find getting out of my head and using my imagination can make me feel much better! Write a short story, journal, or imagine what your future will look like by setting some goals.
Joke Laughter is absolutely the best medicine for a bad day.
Karma Help others, volunteer, call your grandma, or send someone a loving text. Spread some good vibes!
Learn Winter is always a great time to learn something new or pick up a new hobby.
Meditation & Music When I've had a long day, there is nothing better than putting on your favourite music, a face mask and simply doing nothing.
Naps Sometimes a bad day can be solved with a simple 2 hour nap in your warm and cozy bed.
Oracle Cards Oracle cards are a really fun way to reflect and I've written a few posts on tarot card spreads which you can find Here, Here and Here.
Podcasts Podcasts are something I listen to frequently. I feel like anyone can find a podcast that they love because they range in so many fun and interesting topics.
Question This one has been fun for me lately, questioning the earth, life, spirituality, and human existence. Might sound intense but learning more about ancient history, aliens, space, etc. is super fun!
Routines One thing that has helped me this winter is to come up with a morning and evening routine that is fun, relaxing and productive.
Support If you are struggling this season, reaching out to the people you love for support is so necessary.
Thoughts Catching negative thoughts is a mindful practice that you can do anytime, anywhere!
Unplug Turn off your notifications for the day and put your phone away. It can really help to reset a racing and stressed out mind.
Vine Compilations When in doubt, looking up some funny vine compilations to watch while you snuggle up in bed is lovely.
Walking Getting up and moving your body is a great way to feel better. Whether that's outside in the snow or inside in a heated building.
X Again, let's leave this letter blank ;)
YouTube YouTube can be a great place to find inspiration on so many topics. It's also a great alternative to TV and Netflix.
Zzz's Sleep, sleep, sleep!

I hope you found these helpful, happy winter!

xo Sara


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