Learning How to Use Tarot Cards + 4 Fun Spreads

          Tarot cards are something I have always wanted to try but have been too afraid to give a fair chance.  I figured in order to read tarot cards you had to be born with super psychic abilities, right? Well actually no, not at all.  These cards are called The Wild Unknown and the entire set was created by Kim Krans and you can find them here.  This set comes with a deck of cards, a guidebook on how to read the cards, and everything is beautifully packaged in pretty boxes.  I absolutely love how the author of these cards makes tarot card reading not only extremely easy to do, but also allows for legitimate spiritual and intuitive guidance.     

          I would recommend doing your own research about how to properly read tarot cards, but the overall idea is to shuffle the cards while thinking about something going on in your life that you would like more guidance with.  Once you've felt that the cards are shuffled, cut the deck into 3 piles and then combine those three piles once again, and simply draw your cards.  The part I love most about reading tarot cards is practising different spreads.  Most of these spreads I found on Pinterest but some I also made up myself.  The whole point of tarot cards is to have fun! So let's get started.

The Yearly Reading 
         Shuffle your deck, split the deck, and then combine the deck of tarot cards.  Next, you want to draw your first card and place this in the centre of your space.  This card represents the overall theme/energy of the year ahead of you. Next you want to draw another card and place it at "12:00" and continue to lay cards down in the shape of a clock.  Each card represents each month of the year, so whichever card is at 12:00 represents the upcoming month.  This is a great reading to do for the new year or when a new season is starting.   

The Birthday Spread
            The first card you draw represents the previous year that you had; what you learned, what challenged you, what you struggled with, etc.  The second card you draw represents what you need to let go of or something that needs closure in your life.  The third card represents the "gifts of your birthday".  You can interpret this as something you need to do for yourself, for others, or something that someone will do for you.  The fourth card represents what you need to embrace or accept in the upcoming year and finally, the last card is what you need to focus on in the upcoming year.  This spread is a great way to get insight about not only your birthday, but if there is a change in season or life situation that you need more insight about.

Exploring Past Lives
                 The first card that you draw (the card on the left of the spread) represents the kind of person you were in your past life and what your life's purpose was.  The next card (the card on the right) will tell you the lessons you struggled with in your past lives and even difficult situations that you faced.  Finally, the last card will bring everything together and tell you how the person you were and the things you experienced in your past life, impact you today.   

The Daily Spread
                 This spread is the one that I find most useful and the one that I use most often.  The first three cards that you draw can be interpreted in a variety of ways.  They can tell you the three things that you need to focus on that day, three things that needs improvement in your life, or even three things that are in your future and that you should be excited about and preparing for.  This spread is really flexible in that you can read it in whichever way you like according to the situations you are facing.

                I hope that by seeing the different ways you can read tarot cards gets you excited about interpreting your own life through intuition.  My only word of advice is to have fun with it, and if you get a "negative" reading that makes you feel uneasy make sure you try to interpret it a few different ways.  What are your favourite spreads? Have you give tarot cards a chance?

 xo Sara


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