Winter Tarot Card Spread

       Lately I have been really enjoying watching Taro Card videos on Youtube and learning more about how to read them. I thought it would be fun this create a spread specifically for the winter months of 2019/2020 and see if any of the predictions come true! If you're new to tarot you can read my post about how to use tarot in your life Here. I hope you enjoy and I hope all your dreams and manifestations come true this winter season!
The Spread:
       Shuffle your deck of cards, or use 2 decks which is what I did, and clear your mind. Think about the coming winter season and what you'd love to see happen. Visualize it until it feels real. Maybe even say positive affirmation out loud that directly relate to your goal. Once you've done this, intuitively split the deck into however many piles you like and pick the cards you most feel drawn to. Lay your cards out in the spread pictured about and begin to interpret using the following guidelines:

Left: How to get there and the mindset you'll need to have to get there
Right: Who will help you on your journey to creating your dreams
Top: What will hold you back and obstacles you'll face
Bottom: Something you can do to help ease into the season and into your goals
Center: The overall theme of this season

      What does your winter spread look like? Share below!

xo Sara


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