A-Z Summer Self Care

       I get really dorky and weird about summertime. It's my favourite season of the year but unfortunately it is the shortest of all the seasons. Because of this, every summer I feel like I really need to appreciate it and make as many amazing memories as I can which can sometimes leave me feeling exhausted. I put together an A-Z summer self care list that will leave you feeling relaxed and ready to enjoy what this season has to offer. The summer time is all about relaxing, slowing down and enjoying the moment because before we know it the next season will be upon us. Cheers to self care!

Aromatherapy - Even when it's sweltering outside I still like to light candles and make my space smell fresh and happy. Aromatherapy can really help you get out of a slumpy mood.

Beach - The beach for me is my absolute favourite place to be. I love to lay in the sunshine, feel the heat on my skin and simply do nothing else but enjoy the pure pleasure of it all.

Camping - Every summer I like to get away from the chaos of life by packing up the car and getting away for the weekend. Whether you set up a tent in the middle of nowhere or rent a uniqe Airbnb in the woods, camping can be very rejuvenating for the soul.

Daydream - Is there anything better than putting on your favourite music, making a cool drink and laying in the grass while you daydream about life and everything that comes with it? Let your mind wander and if you really want to you can write any important thoughts that come up in a journal.

Eat - Summer time is the best time to get in the kitchen and cook simple fresh recipes or to try a new restaurant in your area.

Faith - No matter what you believe in, when you are feeling down turn towards your spirituality to get you feeling grounded again. If you don't consider yourself a spiritual person try 5 minutes of meditation or read a book about the meaning of life.
Gemstones - Invest a small amount of money into some crystals that you think are pretty. Crystals may not be for everyone but they are beautiful to look at and can give you a new wash of energy whenever you may need it. 

Hobbies - Try a new hobby like water colour painting, bike riding, or embroidery that will fill your time instead of reaching for your phone.  

Indulge - The summertime to me is all about indulgence, if you want to do a midnight milkshake run, then why the hell not?

Journal - Journaling is a great form of meditation for me, I like to take my big ol' bucket of craft supplies, sit outside, and get lost in the art of creating something beautiful in my art journal. You can read my post about art journaling Here

Kindness -Don't be so hard on yourself! If you find yourself dabbling in any negative self talk this summer, remind yourself that you are your best friend and that everything will be okay. Showing yourself some kindness is the greatest act of self care.

Love - The best way for me to pick myself out of a bad mood is to reach out to those that I love. Telling the people you care about that you love them not only makes them feel good but it also makes you feel happier and lighter.

Marshmallows - Have a campfire and try out fancy smores recipes.

Nature - Since the weather is so beautiful, get outside! Spend your days in nature without any distractions.

Organize - I know that I am a clean freak, so not everyone can relate to this one but when I am really stressed out organizing my life really helps to keep me grounded. Even if it's just something small like unpacking your beach bag, making your bed, or throwing in a load of laundry.

Play - It's easy to get wrapped in every day life and adult responsibilities. This summer don't forget to play and let your inner child have some fun.

Quiet Time - With all the hussle and bussle of summertime make sure you take a moment to yourself to have some peace and quiet. Turn off your phone and turn inward and really check in with how you are feeling.

Relaxation - This is the season to really pamper yourself and rest. Go get a massage or "plan" a weekend that is completely unscheduled.

Sleep - Getting enough sleep is always really important but why not try to spice things up a little? Have a sleepover with your best friends or try sleeping outside one night.

Tarot - Even if you aren't a believer of tarot cards, give them a try! They can be very insightful about your current situation/feelings/endeavors or at the very least, they can be a lot of fun.

Universe - Connect with the universe above us by watching the stars one night, meditating with the moon, or reading a book about space. Whenever I do this it makes my own personal problems feel so much smaller.

Vacation - Whether you go on a month long back packing trip or a weekend getaway in the woods, try to get out of your normal routine and experience something new.

Wildflowers - Pick wildflowers on a walk and put them in a pretty vase.

X - Let's just leave this one blank because X is the literally the worst letter in the alphabet lol :)

Yoga - Summer is a great time to try yoga because you can practice in your backyard, by the pool, in the park or on the beach. There really is no limit!

Zodiac - Research and read about your zodiac signs and try to understand how they play a role in your life.

What are some of your favourite way to self-care in the summertime?

xo Sara


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