Happy Goals For A Chill Summer

         Summer is finally here! Oh my gosh it feels so good to say that. Summer is my absolute favourite month, I love the heat, the time spent outdoors, and of course the long sunny days. Sadly, here in Canada summer is quite short lived, only about 2-3 months of really hot weather. So of course I like to make sure I utilize this time well. I also try to not over book my summer days so that when I'm done working my 9-5 office job I can simply enjoy the day however I like in that moment. If you are new to the concept of happy goals you can check out my previous posts about it Here, Here, and Here. These are my happy goals for a lovely, chilled out, amazing summer, Enjoy!

1. Order a pizza and go to a drive-in movie
2. Spend an entire day outside, including sleeping outside at night
3. Make lemonade from scratch
4. Go garage saleing
5. Spend a week only wearing bathing suits
6. Give Groot a bath with the sprinklers
7. Go flower shopping and tend to my flowers every evening
8. Fill my closet with as many summer dresses as I can
9. Go an as many hikes and walks as I can in new places
10. Go on bike rides with my mom

xo Sara


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