Summer Beauty Favourites

      I was recently in Vegas last month and unlike any normal person going to Vegas on a holiday, I was most excited to go to American drugstores because I love finding new makeup I can't get in Canada. Between CVS, Walgreens and the new Morphe store that recently opened I came home with a lot of amazing cheap drugstore makeup. I feel like Canada really needs to step up their drugstore makeup game after being in the US, so much variety in branding and products. I decided not to link any of these products below because you can get them in any American drugstore or online on the brands website. I hope you enjoy reading about the products I've been loving this summer!

M108, R36, R38
Morphe is known for their brushes and I can definitely see why. I had never tried any of their brushes before but when I walked into their store I knew I had to get my hands on some. They feel so luxurious and expensive and yet they are so affordable. They range anywhere from $3-$20 which I think is a freakin steal. I bought a lot when I was there but the ones pictured above are definitely my favourites. 

Lip Products
Morhpe Chippy Liner, Morphe Lylas Lip Crayon, Soap & Glory 5th Avenue, Soap & Glory Peach For The Sky, Stroke of Beauty Louise
All of the lip products mentioned above have become recent favourites of mine. This is because they are all incredibly easy to wear while also looking super natural. There is nothing worse than putting lipstick on in the morning and having to constantly touch it up throughout the day and worry about how it looks. All of these lip products are super comfortable, long wearing and low maintenance. 

Elf Mad For Matte Summer Breeze, Bellapierre Natural Eye Palette
These two eyeshadow palettes are actually ones I purchased here at home in Canada. I've listed them as my recent favourites because again, they are so easy to use and apply. The Bellapierre palette is all shimmer and foiled shadows that you can apply with your fingers all over your lid and you have an amazing eye look. So easy!

Face & Body
Coty Airspun Face Powder, Makeup Revolution Lustre Gold
Coty Airspun is a face powder that you see all over YouTube that people swear by and I finally got my hands on some. This summer the humidity has made my skin oilier than normal causing me to need extra face powder to bake and lock my makeup in. This powder is amazing for that! It is very fine and keeps my makeup in place all day long. The liquid luster gold highlight is another favourite that I love using as a face highlight or mixing with lotion to use all over the body for a summer glow. 

What have been your favourite beauty products lately? Do you have any go to's for the summer?

xo Sara


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