5 Self-Care Tips To Prepare For The Winter Months

      The season of winter is fast approaching, especially up here in Canada, and it is time to prepare our bodies, mind and spirit for the change in season. Winter is definitely my least favourite season but as I get older I am trying to appreciate it more and more. I think the key to enjoying a long season of cold and darkness is to simply embrace it. It's a season to be turning inwards, taking care of ourselves and resting. The days are shorter, the sunshine and the warmth is fewer and because of this I really do believe that us humans are supposed to be taking this time to rest and essentially hibernate so we can feel energized come springtime. I put together a list of things to do to prepare ourselves for the winter so that we can truly embrace it and enjoy it!

1. Make your home your sanctuary. You will be spending so much of your time indoors during this season so make your home feel exactly how you want it. Organize your things, bring in some house plants and fill your space with items to make you feel cozy.

2. Stock up on reading materials, movies, TV shows and more. In the winter time I know that during the evenings and weekends I'll most likely be stuck inside so I try to spend this time learning something new. This might also be a great time to take an online course or try a new hobby.

3. Invest in winter essential products. For me the things that I need to survive in the winter include: thick socks, mittens, toques, candles, body butters, incense, essential oils, my happy light and so much more. You can check out a post I did on my winter essentials Here. These are the small things that make a huge difference.

4. Make plans! The best thing to help anyone get out of a winter slump is to have something to look forward to. If you can't afford a fancy tropical vacation away from the cold, then plan something small. Plan a dinner party for your friends, a movie night, a tea party, or even an outdoor adventure.

5. Turn inward. Take a yoga class, a meditation class, start journaling, explore your spiritual beliefs through books, podcasts, or videos, get a tarot reading, meet with a life coach or therapist to help you deal with things you're struggling with. Get to know and love yourself! The winter time is the perfect time for this.

How are you planning on preparing yourself for the upcoming winter season?

xo Sara


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