My Current Winter Essentials

      I feel like I write so many posts about how to survive the winter because it is truly a season that I struggle to make it through. Right now it's currently blizzarding and it's very very cold outside. I came up with a list of winter essentials that I cannot live without this time of year. I find that my lifestyle changes so much in the winter from being indoors all the time that I need to change up the different products that I use on a daily basis. I like to feel warm, cozy, hydrated, and happy while it's -40 outside and I can patiently wait for summer to roll around the corner. I hope you enjoy!

1. Candles
This is an obvious one but whenever I am chilling at home I need to light some candles. Whether they are just plain tea lights or a fun scented candle, candles really set the mood for the day.

2. Warm Toque
In the winter I try my best to get outside, go for a 30 minute walk and get some fresh air. The only way to do this and actually enjoy yourself is to stay warm! Knitted toques like this are perfect for winter walks.

3. Coffee Mugs
If you didn't know, I have a slight obsession with collecting coffee mugs. I absolutely love waking up in the morning and making a coffee or tea in a beautiful mug.

4. Body Lotion
Like most people, in the winter I am super dry. My skin constantly feels tight from the cold air outside and having a good body lotion is a must.

5. Incense
Burning incense is something I just recently started doing and wow do I love it! It really sets the tone and the mood for me to relax and de-stress.

6. Scrunchies
Scrunchies are another essential item for me in the winter time, and honestly all year around. I hate when my hair is in my face and I find that scrunchies are a lot gentler on your hair than a regular hair elastic.

7. Warm Socks
I have an entire drawer dedicated to warm thick socks. My feet are generally always cold and without having a pair of warm socks I definitely would not be able to survive the cold weather.

8. Essential Oils
In the summertime I love opening up all the windows in my house to air it out. In the wintertime I obviously can't do that so I like to diffuse essential oils instead. They freshen up a room without any harsh smelling ingredients.

9. Hair Masks
Another saviour when it comes to the dry winter air. My hair can get pretty staticky in the winter from the lack of moisture outside so I love to put a hair mask in my hair every couple of days. I notice that my hair has less static, my scalp feels healthier, and my hair feels extra soft.

What're your winter essentials? Do you have any must haves for the winter time?

xo Sara


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