Winter Gratitude List

    It's been awhile since I made a gratitude list and I figured since we are in the middle of winter (the hardest time of the year for me) what better time to show some gratitude towards my life? I might sound like a broken record by now but being grateful for everything you have in your life will truly make you a happier person. When you're having a really awful day it's so easy to dwell on your negative thoughts but I urge you to simple try and list 5 things you're grateful for in that exact moment. I think that gratitude is the key to staying grounded, creating inner peace and truly finding happiness wherever you are in life.  Here's a list of things I have been loving lately that make me feel happy, cozy, inspired, and all around feeling grateful for my life!

1. Comfy clothes; cardigans, pj pants, warm socks
2. The library and the smell of old books
3. My Goodreads account where I can access millions of people's book recommendations
4. Watering all my house plants
5. The feeling you get on Friday when you remember it's Friday
6. Finding inspirational YouTube channels that you really connect with
7. Going to my yoga class every week and also my practice at home
8. Fresh hair cuts
9. All the animals in my life and the happiness they bring me
10. Warm winter days when the sun shines through the windows and warms your house
11. Hot tea in the mornings
12. Having my own house with Eric and inviting friends and family over
13. The anticipation of a future vacation
14. The feeling you get when you finish your to-do list
15. Burning incense after a long day
16. Fresh baking in your house
17. The opportunity to learn something new every day and having the access to education
18. Ordering take out at the end of the week
19. The feeling of a freshy cleaned house
20. Finding a new show on Netflix and binge watching it

What are you grateful for today?

xo Sara


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