10 Ways To Step Up Your Bath Game

       One of the best ways to self care in the winter is to bath, at least that's what I love to do. When it comes to taking a bath there are so many ways that you can make it a luxurious experience even if you just have a plain ol' bath tub and few accessories. For me, there is nothing better than getting in a steaming bath after a long cold day and unwinding. I shared below a few things that you can add to your bath to make it extra special and lovely.

1. Hair and face masks
An hour or two before I bath I like to put a hair mask on if my hair is feeling extra dry. I coat the ends of my hair in a either a store bought mask or coconut oil and then rinse it out in the tub. If I have time I will also put on a face mask while I'm lounging in the bath. Masks are great for moisturizing and are also great at making you feel extra pampered.

2. Tea 
One of my favourite things to do to destress is put a couple of tea bags into the bath. You can use any calming or detoxifying tea like camomile, green tea or lavender. I will throw in 2-3 bags and let them steep the entire time.

3. Ginger powder and baking soda
This is a great trick if you have a cold or you can feel yourself getting sick. Ginger and baking soda are very detoxifying and by adding them to your bath when you're sick, will help draw out the germs and relieve any aches and pains. I promise this works really well!

4. DIY products
DIY bath products are the best because not only are they super affordable, you also know exactly what's s in them. I like to search through Pinterest and find simple recipes to make in my kitchen, you can also check out a couple of my own recipes Here and Here.

5. Listen to podcasts or music
When you're having a relaxing bath you definitely want to be listening to something. You can check out my current Spotify playlists on the side bar of this blog if you need some music inspo. I also love listening to motivational podcasts and my favourites are Kalyn's Coffee Talk by Kalyn Nicholson and From The Heart by Rachel Brathen.

6. Exfoliate or dry brush
In the winter time my skin gets seriously dry, like I'm sure most peoples do. Dry brushing before you get into the tub is a great way to deal with dry skin or using a body scrub in the bath can also really help. I notice that when I dry brush on a regular basis my skin is noticeably softer and clearer.

7. Oils
Another great way to moisturize in the bath is to add a couple drop of oil into the water. I use any kind of oil from avocado, olive or coconut oil. You could even add a couple drops of essential oil if you like.

8. Candles
This is a pretty obvious one but candles really set the mood for a great bath. Even if you don't have anything fancy to burn, a couple tealights will do the job.

9. Salts
Adding salts to your bath is another really great way to detox and soften your skin. I like to add Epson or Himalayan salts which are both super affordable and easy to find in most grocery stores.

10. Heated Towels
Lastly, why not take the extra step of heating your towels up so when you get out of the bath you feel like you're at the spa? You can buy a fancy towel heater or you can simply throw your towels into the dryer to warm them up.

What're your favourite things to add to your bath? How else are you taking care of yourself this winter?

xo Sara


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