DIY Honey Lotion Bars

       With the change in the weather my skin has been soo dry. One of the things I love to do when the weather starts to cool off is to make DIY skin care products. It's an awesome feeling to use products on your body that you know were made with love and ingredients you hand picked. These products are all natural, super easy to make, and great for your skin. I hope you enjoy!

Equal Parts of:
Shea Butter or Cocoa Butter
Coconut or Olive Oil 

Silicone Mold (any size)
Honey (optional teaspoon for extra honey scent)
Essential Oil (optional)

1. Put the butters, oils and beeswax into a pot and melt on medium temperature. You don't need to worry too much about the ratios of the ingredients as your lotion bars may end up oilier or dryer than expected but will still work amazing. You can also add the honey here if you wish. 

2. Once everything is completely melted pour the mixture into your silicone molds. Tip: If you spill any of the oils onto your counter tops wait until they harden before you try to clean them up. Once they are hardened you can simply peel them off whatever surface they spilled on. 

3. Set your molds into your freezer for at least an hour before trying to remove them. Then they are ready to use! If you find that your bars turned out drier than expected and won't melt in your hands try using them while in the bath or shower. The hot water will allow them to melt better. 

       I hope you enjoy this amazing and simple recipe for lotion bars. Have you ever made homemade beauty products?

xo Sara


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