Winter Bucket List To Beat the Blues

       As I'm currently writing this post it is snowing, blustery and freezing cold outside. Winter is definitely not my favourite season but since it's the longest one here in Canada, every year I need to remind myself to embrace it. Instead of getting depressed by the short hours of sunlight, the freezing cold temperatures and the lack of vitamin D, I have decided that this year I am going to put together a list of things I can do to really enjoy winter, rather than just survive it. Whenever I'm feeling low about the weather I can return to this list and remind myself of the things I can do to enjoy this season. I hope you enjoy!

1. Journal every evening and set daily goals to keep myself feeling inspired and motivated
2. Read 2 new books a month
3. Get back into cooking and make healthy comfort foods
4. Decorate my house for the holidays
5. Get back into diffusing essential oils, you can see my favourite blends Here
6. Have a holiday movie night marathon with friends
7. Bake holiday treats like ginger cookies and coffee cake
8. Go to bed early and sleep in whenever I can
9. Drink lots of tea
10. Spend more time outside
11. Try to get out of the house in the evenings
12. Or invite people over on the days when it's really hard to get out of the house
13. Enjoy a hot bath at the end of a cold day
14. Keep my skin extra moisturized, you can check out my favourite DIY lotion bar recipe Here
15. Take a winter road trip somewhere
16. Take extra care of my indoor plants
17. Invest in warm comfy clothes that make me feel good
18. Use the cold as an excuse to stay in, decorate the house, and make it feel as cozy as possible
19. Get back into crafting and make most of my holiday decor
20. Binge watch a new Netflix series (or a few)

What're your plans for this winter season? Do you hate winter or do you love it? You can checkout more winter inspired posts Here. Have a great Saturday wherever you are!

xo Sara


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