DIY Holiday Eucalyptus Wreath

      This holiday season I have decided to make most of, if not all, my décor and I figured what better way to start than to make a holiday wreath. Instead of making the usual wreath that we see everywhere I wanted to make something a bit more modern. I love the way these hoops wreaths look online and I love the look of eucalyptus. This was super easy to make and you can modify it however you like by using different kinds of branches, pine cone or berries. I hope you enjoy!
Bunch of Eucalyptus (I only used about half of my bouquet)
Floral Wire
Floral Hoop

1. Begin by cutting your branches into smaller sections. You can cut off any excess branch that looks a little sparse and use the fuller branches for your wreath.

2. Cut small pieces of floral wire (1-2 inches long) and wrap the branch onto the floral hoop. You will want to lay the next piece so that it covers up both the hoop and the floral wire from the previous branch. This can take a bit of patience and playing around with the leaves/branches but trust me it will come together.

3. Continue attaching the branches to your hoop until you have covered the area of the hoop you want and until the wreath is looking full. And that's it!
      Do you enjoy making your own holiday décor? Hopefully I will have a few more holiday DIY's to share before the year is over, so stay tuned!

xo Sara


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