Guest Post: 20 Things My Cat Has Taught Me

  Hi everyone, I'm Sara's older sister Carissa and today I'm posting about my beautiful and lovable cat Ruby. I was never a cat person, but I adopted Ruby from the Humane Society on a whim 2 years ago and she is the greatest spur of the moment decision I have ever made. Ruby is a white Persian cat with so much sass but has the sweetest and most loving heart. Today I'm sharing with you 20 things Ruby has taught me. Leave a comment below about what your pets have taught you!

1. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day
2. Following breakfast, always take a nap
3. Always be skeptical of strangers
4. Always be yourself
5. Naps can happen in the most unexpected places
6. Leather is unethical and should be ruined at all costs
7. If you believe you are the Queen; own it
8. Regardless of what your parents say, 3:00am is a great time to race around the house
9. Hot baths are a great way to end the day (even if you just lay on the ledge and steam your coat)
10. Chips and Netflix make the best Friday nights
11. Only spend time outside in the summer time
12. Don't trust Great Danes
13. Being nosey and watching the neighbours for  hours is very acceptable
14. Bugs make great snacks
15. If guests come over to visit an you aren't feeling it, run upstairs and hide
16. Screaming out loud when you are unhappy in anyway is absolutely okay to do
17. Blankets are life
18. Cuddles with mom make any day better
19. Birds cannot be trusted
20. And last but not least, as annoying as constant shedding can be, nothing brightens your day like finding a white cotton ball on your pants at work

I hope you enjoyed this list and I hope you got to know Ruby a little bit more!
xo Carissa


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