December Playlist

      Since the weather has been cold and gloomy for the past month I have been listening to a lot of slow, chill, vibey type of music. Basically music to just mellow out to at the end of the day. I find myself listening and creating Spotify playlists more so in the winter time than any other season because let's be honest, seasonal depression is real and music really helps lift up my mood. I hope you enjoy!

1. I miss you (feat. Julia Michaels) by Branchez & Charlie
2. Don't trust myself by Robinson
3. The few things (feat. Charlotte Lawrence) by JP Saxe
4. Angles by Khalid
5. Falling Night by Nuit Ocean
6. Wilder by Holmsey
7. When the night is over by Lord Huron
8. Clone phone by Kamandi
9. Constellation by Win and Woo
10. Palo alto by Jack River
11. Landed on mars by Atlas Bound

What're you currently listening to? Let me know some of your favourites in the comments. Have a lovely Sunday everyone!

xo Sara


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