A Photo Every Hour For One Day

       I've been wanting to try this challenge for awhile now and I figured what better time than now? These photos are all from last Saturday form the moment I woke up to about 6:00pm. To be honest I tried to take photos for a full 12 hours but after 6:00 I was stuck to my couch playing video games (lol). I didn't do a whole lot this day, ran some errands, took care of my plants, and hung out around the house. I've been inspired lately to take more photos of simple every day things and I thought that why not try to capture something every hour for a whole day? I really encourage everyone to give this a try especially if you're someone who enjoys photography. Enjoy!

 8:00am new wall tapestry that I wake up to every morning

8:00am having my spot stolen immediately after getting out of bed

10:00am having some homemade oats for breakfast
 11:00am watering my plants and draining my largest ivy plant in the kitchen
12:00pm groot taking it easy on the couch
1:00pm taking photos for a previous post, I couldn't help get a close up of these amazing crystals
2:00pm groot still taking it easy on the couch lol
3:00pm Catching up on some yoga homework
4:00pm enjoying a bowl of homemade soup
5:00pm the sunset through my kitchen window this evening was particularly beautiful
6:00pm playing video games and groot wants all the attention
"a picture is a poem without words" - unknown

xo Sara 


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