How To Start An Art Journal

    Is anyone else totally drawn to the pretty pictures that are all over Pinterest and WeHeartIt showing perfectly curated art journals and diaries? There is something so perfectly imperfect about them and I find when creating these types of journals it can be a really inspiring and motivating experience. Over the last couple of months I have been playing around with art journals and I love  it. I take my big bucket of art supplies, my dog and a strong cup of tea, onto my patio and get lost in the art of journaling for a couple of hours. What I love most about art journaling is that you really can't mess up. The whole point of it is for it to look messy and creative and most importantly, to have fun with it.

   I wrote out a list of "directions" below and my recommended supplies to have on hand for when you want to art journal, simply for you to use as a guide. Of course you don't need to follow any of these steps and you can use any type of art supplies you like. Basically, I hope that my art journal pages and the steps that I like to follow inspire you to create an art journal. It's such a great way to let your creative juices flow!


Art Journal (I use an old sketch pad but you could use anything with paper)
Paint (watercolour, oil, acrylic, or anything you have on hand)
Paint brushes
Washi tape
Markers or pencil crayons
Printed images from Pinterest (you could use magazine clippings or your own photos)
Stickers (I like to collect these from the sale sections at craft stores)
Scissors & scotch tape
Drawing pencils & eraser


1. I like to start off an art journal page by first taping or gluing down a couple of inspiring images that have some sort cohesive vibe or energy. Whatever looks the nicest together.

2. Then I will take a drawing pencil or a marker and begin doodling all the over the page and around the pictures. Wherever I feel like needs a little something extra I will draw whatever comes to mind.

3. To finish the page off I will decorate it with any stickers, washi tape, or anything extra to fill in the blank spaces.


If you "mess up" and want to cover something on your art page you can always cover it up with washi tape, a photo, or even stickers.

If you feel like you have no idea how to fill your page search "art journaling" on Pinterest to get inspired. You can check out the board I have on my page if you like. 

And that's it!

xo Sara


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