Tiny Wild Flower Paintings

      Ever since I graduated from high school and took my very last art class I have been craving reaching for paint again. I am by no means an artist but I absolutely love zoning out for a couple hours with a paint brush and a pretty palette of colours. Even if I end up throwing out all my paintings afterword it's the process of painting that I really enjoy. I discovered a YouTube channel by Jordan Clark that really inspired me. She does painting and drawing tutorials that are really simple and fun for beginners. I got the inspirations to paint tiny wild flower paintings from her. If you want a full tutorial on how to paint these I would highly recommend her channel. And of course if you don't feel like you want to follow any direction and you just want to have fun with it here are the materials you will need:


Paint Brush x2
Oil or Acrylic Paints
Tiny Canvas (any size you like, I got mine from Walmart)
Cup of Water
Some type of palette to put your paints on

     There really is no strict rules on how to paint as long as you have fun with it and you try something outside your comfort zone. I really enjoyed making these and I hope that you do too!

xo Sara


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