50 Things To Get Rid Of This Spring

      I like to pretend that spring is on it's way because although it may still be freezing outside, winter will soon be over. And what better way to celebrate the new season? Cleaning! Cleaning may not be everyone's' favourite thing to do but it's definitely mine (lol). Even if you hate cleaning but still want to do de-clutter your life, the good news is that you totally can.  My advice is to start small and get rid of a few things every day for a month. Then at the end of the month your home will be that much tidier. I compiled a list of things below that you can get rid of this spring and they are organized by the rooms in your house. Like I say in every other post on this blog, make sure you have fun with it!

Bedroom & Closet
1. Socks with no matching pair
2. Stretched out hair elastics
3. Underwear with holes
4. Broken jewellery or earrings without a pair
5. Clothes that no longer fit you
6. Clothes you haven't worn yet this season
7. Broken Hangers
8. Purses and wallets you never use anymore
9. Shoes that are ruined or that you don't wear anymore
10. Old pyjamas that, let's be real, look like rags

1. Bleached towels
2. Dried up lip balms
3. Expired lotions and other beauty products
4. Old makeup
5. Old prescription bottles you don't need
6. Old toothbrushes
7. That bath mat that has seen better days
8. Old gloopy nail polish
9. Expired sunscreen
10. Old and dirty hair brushes and combs

Living Room
1. Dead plants that can't be saved
2. Old remotes that you're not even sure belong to what
3. Movies you never watch anymore
4. Old and destroyed dog toys
5. Product samples you don't plan on using up
6. Candles that are basically burned all the way
7. Empty essential oil bottles
8. Old and dirty coasters
9. Take-out menus
10. Old decorative pillows and blankets

1. Old Tupperware with no matching lids
2. Chipped coffee mugs or other dishes
3. Empty spice jars
4. Old food in your freezer
5. Leaky water bottles
6. Old condiments in your fridge
7. Plastic grocery bags
8. Old dog treats
9. Magnets and random papers on your fridge
10. Utensils you have 2 or more of

Office & Misc.
1. Old receipts
2. Pens that are dried up
3. Chargers for devices you no longer own
4. Point reward cards that you never use
5. Flyers & junk mail
6. Old books you know you'll never read again
7. Delete the apps on your phone you never use
8. Delete the contacts in your phone that you don't need anymore
9. Clear out the photos on your phone
10. Delete old texts and conversations on your phone

      What are some of the things you plan on getting rid of this spring?  Do you love cleaning or hate it?

xo Sara


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