DIY Zen Garden

      I have always been so intrigued by Zen gardens and I love the way they instantly have a calming effect when you are around one. Zen gardens not only bring a sense of calm and peace into your home they are also so beautiful and easy to make! I feel like writing a how-to post on making one is actually kind of silly because it's just so easy. If you are not the crafty type but feel like you need a little zen in your life then this DIY is going to be perfect for you.

Concrete, wooden or glass bowl
White sand
River rock
Black or coloured sand (optional)
Gardening tools (optional)
Sea shells (optional)


1. Find some sort of bowl or container that you'd like to use as the base for your Zen garden. I used a concrete plant pot and an old pink candle holder that I saved.

2. Pour your sand into your container. You can do this as simple or as complex as you like using as many different colours of sand that you think will look the best. I poured white sand in until the bowl was basically full and then filled one side of the bowl with a small amount of black sand.

3. Add your river rock or sea shells on top of the sand.

4. Using a small gardening rake you can rake lines or patterns into the sand. This step is the main purpose of a Zen garden because the act of drawing in the sand is said to bring calm and Zen into your life.

     I hope you enjoyed this super easy DIY and if you decide to make your own Zen garden I promise it will bring peace and tranquillity into your life like mine has.

xo Sara


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