DIY Simple Dream Board

      Dream boards are something I have always enjoyed making and have been making since I was a little girl.  I am not the kind of person who loves goal setting and making specific plans for the future because I know that they are going to change over time and I don't want to feel disappointed when they do.  That is why dream boards are so fun for me to make!  They give you an overall vision of how you want your life to look like, in the near future and further into your life.  It's less time specific and more visual and requires a bit of interpretation.

Supplies Needed:
Computer Paper
Tape or Glue
Picture Frame


1. Make a list of general goals you want to include on your dream board.  For example, some of mine were, grow my hair out, buy a house and adopt another dog and cat.

2.  Once you've created a list of goals or visions you want to include on your board (10-12 is a good number to have) search for photos! This is definitely the fun part.  I found most of mine on We Heart It and Pinterest.  If you want you can look for photos that have a certain vibe or colour scheme so that in the end they all flow together.  Get as creative as you like!

3. I then printed out my photos using regular computer paper and cut the photos into small squares.  I spread the photos onto a blank piece of white paper and began taping the images down.

4.  When you finally have your pictures laying the way you like and they are secure, put your dream board in a cute frame and display it somewhere you will see it often.  Being reminded every day of the things you want to eventually acquire in your life will help you successfully achieve those things.  It also makes such a cute piece of art work for your home!

I hope this inspires you to make a dream board for your home, just remember to have fun with it and be as creative as you like.  What kinds of dream boards do you enjoy making?

xo Sara


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