DIY Essential Oil Dryer Balls

      Do you ever feel like so many of our day to day products are full of harmful and unnecessary chemicals?  Some times I get overwhelmed trying to convert my entire life and house hold to all natural products because there are just so many things we use every day that are potentially harmful to our health.  I think that the key to not getting overwhelmed is to choose one area in your life to change and start small.  I figured a great place to start with would be the laundry room.  I started asking myself, what the heck are even in dryer sheets? Is there a greener way to dry our clothes?  And, how can we do our laundry without so much waste?

      Not only is making natural alternatives to every day products really fun it's a great way to make your home greener and healthier. I found these homemade dryer balls all over Pinterest and they are SO easy to make.

Supplies Needed:
Knitting Needle
Essential Oils
A Pair of Old Panty Hose


1. Begin wrapping the yarn around two fingers until you have the beginning of a ball forming.  Slide this yarn off your fingers and start to wrap the wool around the yarn going in the other direction.  This may feel weird at first but I promise a uniform ball with begin to form.

2.  When you feel like you have the size of yarn ball you want cut the yarn leaving a small amount to thread through with your yarn needle.  You will want to tie the end of yarn to your needles and thread the yarn through the ball several times.  This will make sure that the yarn does not come unravelled in the dryer.

3.  The next time you do laundry, place your dryer balls into a pair of panty hose and secure each ball by tying a knot in the panty hose before placing the next ball inside.  Wash and dry the yarn balls inside the panty hose 2-3 times before removing.  This is another step that will ensure that the yarn does not come undone when you use them as dryer balls. 

3.  You are finally done! Choose your favourite essential oil and place 3-4 drops onto the yarn ball right before you place your clothes into the dryer.

I hope you enjoy this super easy DIY and I hope it inspires you to make some changes around your home to create a healthier and more natural life.  What are your favourite natural DIY's?

xo Sara


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