20 Ways To Simplify & Enjoy The Holidays

       Does anyone else agree with me that the best time of the year can be really exhausting? Yes, Christmas is magical and exciting but it can also be expensive and super stressful.  This year I have decided to actually enjoy Christmas rather than let it stress me out too much.  Instead of running around the city trying to make everything perfect, I am going to spend quality time with the people I love and make sure I get a ton of me time in.  I have come up with 30 ways to simplify the holidays that I feel like anyone can follow whether you love Christmas or you secretly dread this time of year!

1. Start your own family Christmas traditions and make them super simple and fun
2. Have several days in December where you wear your pj's all day and eat breakfast in bed
3. Organize your home and donate the things you don't need to local charities
4. Or, suggest a recycling gift exchange where you give used and unwanted items 
5. Avoid the malls and online shop instead 
6. If you have pets in your life, include them in your Christmas shopping
7. Instead of buying presents for everyone, suggest a secret santa where everyone gets only one gift 
8. Set a strict budget for gifts and stick to it
9. Make your own minimal Christmas/winter decor 
10. Say no to Christmas parties or events that you absolutely dread 
11. If you can, take some days off before or after Christmas to recharge 
12. Spend more time outside rather than inside a crowded mall
13. Order your favourite takeout Christmas day or eve instead of slaving away cooking 
14. Make your gifts instead of buying them for a more personal touch 
15. Download Christmas carols from your favourite artists, rather than listening to mainstream carols
16. Buy yourself the coziest Christmas pajamas to hangout in all of December 
17. Plan free outings with your family, like taking a drive to look at Christmas lights 
18. DIY your own Christmas cards, there are a ton of ideas on Pinterest
19. If Christmas baking is not up your alley, buy all your goods from a bakery 
20. And if Christmas really stresses you out, book a week long trip to Mexico and pretend it's summer

       I hope you enjoyed these ideas! As someone who doesn't get overly excited about Christmas as an adult, I promise you these tips will help you a lot.  Just remember what the holidays really mean to you and try not to get caught up in all the pressures surrounding the season.

xo Sara


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