30 Journal Prompts & Ways To Fill Your Journals

       Journaling is such a great way to relieve stress and use as a creative outlet to fill your prettiest journals.  I don't know about you but I love to buy journals and then let them sit on my book shelf for a year without ever opening them.  Why do we do this! I have been trying really hard lately to not buy new journals until I fill up the ones that I already have.  I put together a list of ideas of how you can fill and use your journals so that they don't just collect dust on the shelves. Lets get started!

1. An every day diary
2. Stream of consciousness journaling
3. Things you are grateful for
4. Things you are looking forward to in the future
5. Make a bucket list
6. Set some happiness goals
7. Vacation diary
8. Make a reading list
9. Keep track of your dreams
10. Practice your printing/hand writing or maybe practice calligraphy
11. Make some long or short term goals
12. Doodle small pictures
13. Write a synopsis of a novel you'd like to write
14. Practice your painting and drawing skills
15. To do lists
16. Fill with your favourite photos
17. Party & event planner
18. Morning routine ideas
19. Make a list of Pinterest recipes you want to try
20. Fitness plans & exercise tracker
21. Keep track of monthly spending & your budget
22. Write down your favourite quotes or poems
23. Make a list of things or hobbies your'd like to try
24. Grocery lists
25. Menstrual tracker
26. Wishlist for expensive items you wouldn't normally buy for yourself
27. Creative ideas (blog ideas, craft ideas, etc.)
28. Eating & diet tracker
29. Baby name or pet name ideas
30. Vacation planner

How do you like to fill your journals? Do you find it hard to fill an entire journal before buying a new one?

xo Sara


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