100 Things I'm Thankful For

1. The first sip of coffee in the morning
2. Mom jeans
3. Hot breakfast foods
4. Messy hair
5. Waking up spooning your dog
6. My family
7. All dogs, to ever exist
8. Staying in your pajamas all day
9. Driving on a long stretch of road with no other cars around
10. Cool walks in the fall
11. Purple sunsets
12. Online shopping from the comforts of your own home
13. Thrift shopping
14. Raindrops on your bedroom window
15. Discovering new music
16. Electric blankets when you're extra cold
17. All the neighbourhood cats who come to visit me
18. Hot baths after a long day
19. Poetry books
20. Soft pajama pants
21. The moon
22. Small towns and quiet cities
23. The sound of leaves rustling on a windy day
24. The smell of a coffee shop
25. Starting a new book
26. Finishing a book
27. Best friends
28. This blog
29. Freshly painted nails
30. When you wake up in the morning and realize it's the weekend
31. Yoga classes
32. Yoga at home by yourself
33. Shopping trips with my mom and sisters
34. Spending an entire day at home when you haven't done so in awhile
35. Old Halloween movies
36. Crystal shopping with Eric
37. Thanksgiving suppers with family
38. Favourite candles that never seem to burn out
39. Twinkle lights
40. Homemade soup
41. Subway
42. Laughing until you cry
43. Lip balm
44. Oversized cardigans
45. My bedroom at night with all my lights/lamps on
46. Weekends
47. Lana del Rey
48. Afternoon naps
49. Reading my horoscope in the morning
50. Learning about space & the universe
51. Watering my plants on the weekend
52. When your coffee order is made exactly how you like it
53. Dancing at home when no one's watching
54. Massages with essential oil
55. Astrology and explaining it to people who think you're nuts lol
56. Podcasts on conspiracy theories
57. Tarot/Oracle cards
58. Junk food
59. Board games with friends
60. Finding a really good sale on something you've been wanting
61. Babies in public who wave at you
62. Shopping at Home Sense on a Saturday morning
63. The freedom to believe in what I want
64. Baking an old favourite recipe
65. Skin care products
66. Being Canadian
67. Lighting candles once the sun goes down
68. Short hair
69. Waking up to a chilly bedroom but you're warm under the blankets
70. My health
71. Pre-made cookie dough that tastes homemade
72. Watching a movie you haven't seen since you were small
73. Pressed flowers in an old book you forgot about
74. Bagels
75. Cousins
76. Outfits that are specifically meant for being lazy around your house
77. Watching a movie that makes you feel inspired
78. Being a 90's kid
79. Inside jokes
80. Journaling
81. The smell of dogs paws
82. Walking in nature with no other people around
83. Bras without wires and padding
84. Scary movies
85. The ways dogs are always excited to greet you
86. The public library
87. Friday's at work
88. Freshly washed bedding
89. When someone you know has a really distinct laugh
90. Listening to old nostalgic music from when you were young
91. Creativity
92. My yoga room at home
93. When someone else buys you or makes you food
94. Having a clean house
95. Dawson's Creek Halloween episodes
96. Tapestries
97. Etsy
98. The idea that the universe wants everything good for you
99. Warm feet on a cold day
100. This amazing season!

Happy Thanksgiving! I hope your day is filled with love, gratitude and happiness.

xo Sara


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