Fall Happy Goals

    If you are new to the idea of Happy Goals on this blog you can find the explanation for them Here as well as my previous happy goals posts. Here are new set of happy goals to take us into the Fall season. I hope you enjoy! The basic girl in me loooooves fall and is so excited to enjoy it this year.

1. Walk through as many crunchy leaves as possible
2. Burn all the candles in my house
3. Take late night walks in chilly evenings
4. Make some peanut butter hot chocolate
5. Have a pumpkin painting night
6. Wear knitted sweaters every day for the month
7. Paint my nails a dark fall colour
8. Make Pillsbury pumpkin sugar cookies
9. Decorate the house with fall decor
10. Cleanse my crystals under the fall Harvest Moon

Happy Fall!

xo Sara


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