100 Things To Be Thankful For This Season

       With Thanksgiving being this weekend I thought, what better way to celebrate then to put together a list of things to be thankful for? I tried to make these pretty general so that we can all relate, but some are definitely specific to my own personal life. I love to put together lists like this especially after long days that seem to be filled with a lot of stressful moments and anxious thoughts. I encourage you to give this a try and I hope you enjoy! Happy Fall.

1 the change of seasons
2 cool morning air
3 quiet mornings
4 spending time with people you love
5 small dogs
6 big dogs
7 healthy foods
8 a warm cup of tea
9 buying yourself a new mug for your tea
10 group chats with your best friends
11 comfy sweat pants
12 buying new candles
13 good music
14 house plants
15 old friends and new friends
16 weekends
17 long weekends
18 vacation planning
19 testing out new makeup
20 hot baths
21 freshly washed hair
22 being in nature
23 witnessing kind favours from strangers
24 grandmas
25 audio books and podcasts
26 new journals
27 cooking new recipes
28 ordering takeout after a long day
29 middle of the night kisses and I love yous
30 a good yoga session in your pajamas
31 coming home to your online shopping order
32 book stores
33 white fluffy cats
34 long walks after a home cook meal
35 heated blankets
36 homemade soup
37 the smell of a coffee shop
38 late nights with good friends
39 going braless
40 diffusing your favourite essential oils
41 local libraries
42 remembering happy memories
43 day dreaming
44 chunky scarves
45 clean laundry
46 driving in your car alone with your favourite music
47 waking up from a really happy dream
48 afternoon naps
49 all animals
50 giving someone a hand made gift
51 when your kitchen is fully stocked after a grocery run
52 finding a new YouTube channel you love
53 tagging your friends in memes
54 the feeling of the sun on your skin
55 Costco's takeout pizza
56 freshly washed bedding
57 seeing dogs going for walks
58 when you finally get over a cold
59 sunsets
60 rainy days at home
61 good health
62 iced coffees
63 deep breathing
64 pay day
65 checking off an entire to do list
66 hair cuts
67 the sound of crickets late at night
68 watching the moon
69 wearing oversized glasses
70 new lipstick
71 a home cooked brunch with family
72 play wrestling with dogs
73 kissing the bottom of dogs paws
74 giving your dog a bath and good brushing
75 having a clean house
76 local parks
77 burning incense
78 flowy curtains
79 freedom to do what we want
80 craft stores
81 oversized pajamas
82 soft slippers
83 inspiration boards
84 Pinterest
85 Netflix
86 putting your hair in the perfect bun
87 curly ponytails
88 writing down your goals
89 just cleaned makeup brushes
90 photo editing
91 warm houses on a cold day
92 newly painted nails
93 getting lost in a good book
94 learning something new
95 chips
96 sentimental jewellery
97 mittens
98 bralettes
99 home d├ęcor shopping
100 The Fall!

What are you thankful for this Thanksgiving?

xo Sara


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