Summer Bucket List

     You guys! It finally feels like summer is here to stay and I could not be happier as summer is by far my favourite season of the year. The heat, the long days, and the endless amounts of ice cream may definitely have something to do with it. I feel like for me the summertime is really when I get to relax, take time off work, put down the to-do lists and really go outside and enjoy the beautiful weather. I always like to create a summer bucket list at the beginning of each season not only to help plan out my summer but to inspire me to enjoy it to the fullest. I like to look at bucket lists as a fun and non-committal way of setting goals. If you don't do everything on your list by then end of the season, who cares!  My point is, keep it simple, keep it fun, and let's get started.

1. Make watermelon sangria
2. Go to an outdoor concert
3. Eat my weight in cherries
4. Spend a weekend in a cabin on the lake
5. Go on a road trip
6. Watch a movie in the park
7. A have a rainy day spent in bed with lots of Netflix and movies
8. Watch fireworks
9. Go for late night ice cream runs
10. Watch the stars
11. Do yoga on the beach
12. Watch a thunderstorm
13. Have a campfire
14. Pick wild sunflowers and put them in a vase
15. Get a solid summer tan
16. Go on a picnic
17. Go to a pool party
18. Make art outside
19. Have a water fight
20. Take as many pictures as possible
21. Take a nap in a hammock
22. Have drinks on the patio
23. Go on a hike
24. Plant a patio garden
25. Paint my toes a bright colour

What's on your bucket list this summer?

xo Sara


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