DIY Amethyst Crystal Water

       Do you ever find yourself with so many crystals around your home and you don't exactly know what to do with them all? Besides displaying them on your end tables and book shelves, crystals are one of those things that I wish I used more on the day to day. This DIY crystal water is extremely easy to make and can help you utilize the energy in your crystals that you may be forgetting about. I feel like whenever I write a post about crystals I always need to disclaim that yes, some people find crystals super hokey and pointless and yes, they are certainly not for everyone. But I feel like if you read my blog then you probably already have a tiny bit of interest in crystals so let's just skip over that part and get to the good stuff.

Crystals (I used mainly amethyst but feel free to use your favourites)
Filtered water
Glass spray bottle
Essential oil (optional)
Paper, pen and washi tape to decorate your bottle (optional)


1. Fill your bowl with filtered water and place your crystals into the water so that they are completely covered. 

2. Place the bowl in direct sunlight or if it is too cold outside place the crystals in front of a window.

3. Let the crystals sit in the bowl of water for one full day so that they can absorb a days worth of sun and moon. 

4. Take the crystals out of the water and pour your crystal water into your glass spray bottle. Here you can add essential oils if you like as well as decorate your bottle any way that you like. 

     I love to use this crystal spray in the morning when I wake up, while doing yoga or meditation, or when I need a quick little pick me up. This DIY would make a really sweet gift for someone who loves crystals or for someone just beginning to incorporate them into their life. Have you ever made crystal water? 

 xo Sara


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