Gratitude List


       Writing in my gratitude journal is something that I try to do every now and then, basically whenever I am having a bad day and I need a little reminder of how great life actually is. I think that having a gratitude journal is a great practice for anyone to try and it's super simple to do! I don't force myself to write in it every single day, just when I feel like I need it. The important thing to remember is to have fun with it and write down everything that comes to mind even if it feels silly. The more you have to be grateful for the better!

My bed
My family
Warm socks
Fresh hair cuts
Children's movies
House plants
Watering my house plants
The view from our apartment
A fully stocked kitchen
Days off
Bubble baths with wine
Face masks
Online shopping
When your online shopping arrives
Afternoon naps with dogs
Warm blankets
Finding new songs or playlists on Spotify
Vacation planning/day dreaming
Watercolour painting
New lipstick
A fresh DIY manicure
Listening to your favourite music while you drive
House shopping for million dollar homes you obviously can't buy
Harry Potter

      What things are you thankful for today?

xo Sara


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