20 Ways To Self Care For The Winter Blues

     Now that the holidays are over it's so easy to fall into a winter slump.  I know when January rolls around I am counting down the days until summer, which may not be the most productive or healthy thing to do.  I put together a list of really easy ways to stay busy and to take care of your self this winter to avoid seasonal depression or to just avoid feeling really blah.  Before you know it spring will be on it's way! Or at least we can hope right?

1. Diffuse citrus oils in your home to lift your mood
2. Get lost in some really good books, check out my winter reading list
3. Go to a hot yoga class to warm up your body
4. After a hot bath spend 10 minutes moisturising every inch of yourself with your favourite lotion
5. Try cooking your favourite comfort foods from scratch like, tomato soup or mac and cheese
6. Plan out your summer vacation ideas
7. Keep warm! Get out those wool socks, flannel pajamas, slippers and blankets
8. Start a 30 day fitness or healthy eating challenge with your friends, get as creative as you like!
9. Get a massage or use heating pads to relax and warm your muscles
10. Invest in some good candles
11. Join a book club
12. Take vitamin D and C
13. Try to get outside as much as you can
14. Try a new hobby like knitting, at home yoga, or painting
15. Have a DIY spa night with your friends or even by yourself
16. Get lost in your favourite TV series like, Friends or American Horror Story
17. Invest in some helpful sleep aids like, an eye mask, sleepy tea, or relaxing essential oils to diffuse
18. Organize your home or at least give your closet a good cleaning
19. Try making your own DIY bath products to really relax and feel pampered
20. Stay hydrated by adding different fruits to your water like lemon, oranges or strawberries

    How are you taking care of yourself this winter? Or is winter your favourite time of year?

xo Sara


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