20 Small Things I'm Grateful For: Christmas Edition

      As I get older I am realizing that Christmas time, and any other holiday really, is more about who you spend it with rather than how you spend it.  But don't get me wrong, I absolutely love the little details that make the holidays feel magical and special.  I put together a list of things that I'm grateful for this holiday season, big and small, and I encourage you to do the same!  It's important to appreciate everything you do have this season and not get wrapped up in any ideas of what the holidays "should" look like.  Am I right?

1. Plugging in the Christmas tree every morning and evening
2. Seeing Santa and all the decorations at the mall
3. Receiving and collecting Christmas cards
4. Being in good health and having access to health care
5. Boxing Day online shopping in bed
6. Being able to spend quality time with my family
7. Taking time for self-care and setting new years goals
8. The generally mild winter we're having
9. Pancake breakfasts
10. Inexpensive makeup gift sets
11. Christmas PJ's that are actually too warm to sleep in
12. Fancy Christmas hot chocolate
13. Overeating Christmas baking
14. The anticipation of my mom's cooking
15. Burning Christmas candles
16. Warm socks and slippers
17. Small thoughtful gifts
18. Having a tired, floppy dog to share your bed with
19. Hot baths after a long day
20. Buying all the animals in my life Christmas presents

    What're you thankful for this holiday season? How do you take time to appreciate the small things?

Happy Holidays


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