20 Fun & Simple New Years Resolutions

     New years resolutions are super daunting because let's get real, how many times have we set resolutions and then almost immediately broken them? Same. I came up with 20 really simple and non conventional resolutions that I feel like aren't huge commitments and actually might be enjoyable to maintain! What's better than that? I tried to have fun with these so I really hope you enjoy them.

1. Pet more dogs, this is obviously at the top of the list
2. Burn through as many candles as humanly possible
3. Try a new restaurant in my city once a month
4. Spoil yourself at the spa more often
5. Host more get together's with family and friends
6. Try more kinds of wine
7. On that note, try more kinds of cheese
8. Where comfy pants as often as possible
9. Re-watch all the Friends seasons for the 90th time
10. Have breakfast in bed every Saturday morning
11. Put on a face mask every Sunday whether it's luxuriously expensive or DIY
12. Take more stretch breaks throughout the day, get your friends involved!
13. Try to finish my reading list before the end of next year
14. Buy more people's coffees in Drive Thru's
15. Drink more hot chocolate
16. Test out a new baking recipe every month
17. Paint and draw more pictures even if they don't turn out
18. Grow a mini garden in your favourite flower pots
19. Leave anonymous happy notes in books at your local book store
20. Take more weekend naps

      What resolutions are you setting for yourself? Do you even bother with New Years Resolutions?

xo Sara


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