DIY Easy Custom Tea Bags

      Making easy DIY's is one of my favourite things to do on a chilly afternoon with some good music and of course a cup of tea.  It's also especially nice when you can give whatever it is you made away to someone you love.  These DIY tea bags are so easy to make and they add a really personal touch to any gift.  It was Eric's birthday a few days ago and he absolutely loves to drink tea.  So I figured instead of giving him a boring old bag of loose tea, I would make these fun little tea bags for him.  I also wrote short little messages on each one for him to read when he makes a cup.  How adorable are these?

Supplies Needed
Loose Tea
Coffee Filters
Pretty Paper
Hole Punch
Pen (optional)

1. First you want scoop out your loose tea onto the middle of the coffee filter.  For about 1 cup of tea  I like to use about 1-1.5 teaspoons of loose tea. 

2. Then very carefully you want to begin folding the coffee filter into the shape of a tea bag.  This can be tricky at first but I promise after a few tries you will figure out a system.  Just try to make the only opening at the top to avoid the tea spilling from the sides.  Try folding the filter first without the tea inside, this will give you some direction.

3. When you are done folding you will then want to punch a hole at the top of the tea bag and tie a string around it.  You can place the tea bag into a dry mug to help you measure how long you need to cut your string.

4. Lastly, cut out a small square piece of pretty paper and staple it to the end of the string.  Be creative as you would like here! Write a message, a quote, or even draw a small picture.  

      I hope this has inspired you to make some thoughtful handmade gifts for that special person in your life.  Put on some relaxing music, make a cup of tea, and have fun with it.  What kinds of gifts do you like making for the people in your life?

xo Sara


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