30 Cold Weather Date Ideas


        Well everyone, winter has arrived early and I can say with absolute certainty that I am not ready for this season.  The cold temperatures, dry skin, and frosted car windows make me seriously cranky.  I think that the best way to stay sane during these frigid months is to get creative with your past times and make sure you don't become a couch potato.  Whether you do these date ideas with a significant other, a friend, or even by yourself, I promise you will hate the cold a little less.  And if you happen to be crazy and love this chilly season then cheers to you! 

1. Bundle up, grab a coffee and go for a long crisp walk
2. Make fancy homemade hot chocolate from Pinterest 
3. Spend hours at your favourite book store
4. Cook some warm comfort food together
5. Make a fondue and play cards
6. Sign up for a fun weekly class to attend, or find an online class
7. Go for a drive and look at Christmas lights
8. Build a fort and binge watch Netflix
9. Make a gingerbread house
10. Rent a winter cabin one weekend
11. Decorate your house together for the holidays
12. Buy different bottles of wine and pretend you're wine tasting, get fancy with a cheese platter
13. Go to a hockey game
14. Have an indoor picnic
15. Go swimming indoors (and pretend it's July lol)
16. Make brunch together and eat it in bed
17. Look up a fun workout video on YouTube
18. Work on a winter themed puzzle together
19. Light some candles and paint a picture or colour in your favourite colouring book
20. Go to an arcade and pretend you're a kid again
21. Bake some holiday cookies
22. Volunteer together
23. Drink wine in front of a fire and play board games
24. Get dressed up and go to a local art exhibit
25. Make Christmas gifts together
26. Spend hours taking Buzzfeed quizzes
27. Have a DIY spa night
28. Go to a movie and sneak in your own snacks
29. Wrap Christmas presents together
30. Warm up by going to a hot yoga class

          I hope these ideas inspire you to enjoy this chilly season and to get creative with your spare time.  I promise summer will be back soon!

xo Sara


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