How To Go With The Flow, When You Don't Know How


Going with the flow sounds lovely on paper but I think it's something that everyone struggles with. Whether it's having control over the simple things in life or needing control over the outcome of the days events, the truth is we really don't have much control over anything. To me, going with the flow means having no expectations in your life and dealing with the cards that life gives you simply as they come rather than trying to predict or control what they will be. This is something I find difficult every day and I know a lot of people in my life do as well. I made a list of steps that help you with this process no matter how much you love control. 

1. Start small. If you love having control over everything in your life it could be really overwhelming to start with something huge. Start with the small things and see how you feel. Baby steps, baby steps!

2. Set boundaries. There are some things in life that are non-negotiables when it comes to things you want to let go of. Things like, your values, beliefs and morals. When these are in question it's healthy to put your foot down and say no. It's good to know the limits of how much you can flow with life. 

3. See what happens when you let go, just once. Letting go can be scary and taking the first step can be the scariest. Let go of the control just one time and see what happens. Worst thing that can happen is you hate it and you regain control. Best thing that could happen is you realize how much freedom you have and you start letting go of more and more. 

4. Consider the worst case scenario. When you're trying to maintain control over something or someone think about the absolute worst thing that can happen. Is it really that bad? Thinking about your situation in this way can help you look at your life from a different perspective. 

5. Write down all the benefits you noticed of letting go. This can help motivate you and establish a healthy habit of letting go of control.

I hope this was helpful to you and I hope you fall in love with going with the flow! 


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