February Gratitude Journaling

       This new year I decided to get into the habit of waking up 30 minutes early during the week to enjoy my morning coffee and write in my gratitude journal. It has been such a simple change and yet so impactful. It starts my day off with positive energy that carries me through the day. I wanted to write a few of the things that I'm grateful for this month here to remind myself to share these things with other people. I think if we all take a second in our day to appreciate everything around us, life will become a lot lighter and lovelier.

When dogs run towards you with their tails wagging and their tongues hanging out
All the kind strangers I encounter on a day to day basis
Hot bubble baths while watching Netflix
Plus temperatures when you can hear the snow melting
The satisfaction of finishing a tv series or starting a new one
Early mornings to yourself
Getting into bed after a long day
Waking up sandwiched between Eric and our Great Dane
Thinking about the years ahead and the good moments to come
The feeling after a good long yoga session
Finding a new song you love and listening to it on repeat
That first sip of coffee in the morning
Loving the people you work with and enjoying going to work each day
Sunny winter days when you can feel the warmth of the sun coming through a window
Seeing dogs go for walks
Hearing the birds chirp
Watering and taking care of all our house plants
Putting away a fresh load of laundry
Doing nothing but listen to music
Access to great health care like doctor appointments, therapy sessions and monthly massages
Petting all the neighbourhood kitties who come to visit (and giving them lots of treats)

What are you grateful for today? Let me know in the comments below. Happy Saturday!

xo Sara


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