A Fall Playlist To Get You In the Mood

         Another season of fall and another playlist for you to enjoy! Nothing gets me more in the mood to transition into a new season than music does. Music is such an amazing way to clear your head, relax and completely reset the way you are feeling. I love to light a couple candles, put on a favourite playlist and just chill out. I hope you enjoy!!

Islands by Rynn
Aspasia by Mr. FijiWiji
Places We Don't Know Remix by Ford.
Phase by Howle
Trails by Meridian & Matt Palomino
Her by Attom
Into the Light by Feki
Empty Canvas by Laxcity
Spirit Cold by Tall Heights
Daylight by Beauvois
It's only instrumental by Odeza
Wait for me by Maya Isac
Super 2 by Cospe
Harvest Moon by Poolside
Settle by Baynk
Before I Loved You by Rynn
Line of Sight by Chet Porter Remix
Truth by Shallou
Little Lights by Beauvois
No Sleep by Trinix
Shy Girl by Kedam
Begin by Shallou
Raining Day by Trinix
Marks by Beauvois
Wildflowers by Zimmer

What're you listening to this season? Let me know down below!

xo Sara


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